28th International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy – ICORS 2024

July 28 – August 2, 2024 – Rome, Italy


There is a deep link between Rome and the Raman effect, dating back to 1926, when Enrico Fermi took over the chair of theoretical physics at the University of Rome, boosting the famous “via Panisperna group”. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman got his Nobel Prize in 1930, for the effect he first observed in liquids in 1928. The new discovery was highly inspirational for Franco Rasetti, the last survivor of the Panisperna group, who was the first to demonstrate the Raman effect in gases (F. Rasetti, ‘‘Raman Effect in Gases,’’ Nature 123 (1929), 205). His observations provided the first experimental evidence that the model for the atomic nucleus constituted by protons and electrons is inadequate.

Besides the strictly scientific motivations, Rome offers an ideal surrounding for its uncountable mainstream attractions and lesser-known gems.

For this reason, we’re glad to inform you that the XXVIII International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy will be held in Rome, at “Sapienza” University which, building on the legacy of Enrico Fermi’s work has been committed through the years to scientific excellence, up to the recent Nobel prize in Physics awarded to Giorgio Parisi.

We look forward to meeting you in Italy in 2024!

Tullio Scopigno, Chair
Giulio Cerullo, Co-Chair

Conference theme

ICORS 2024 will be organized in different macro-areas, covering the following list of topics:
Ultrafast processes, coherent scattering, biomedical imaging, pharmaceuticals, disease characterization, low dimensional materials, extreme conditions, cultural heritage, forensic science, metrology, environmental and remote sensing, surface and resonance enhancements, gas phase spectroscopy, planetary and astronomical physical chemistry, energy harvesting and transport, optoelectronics, industrial applications and novel instrumentation, multi-dimensional vibrational spectroscopy, X-ray scattering, quantum light processes.

Conference macro-areas

  • Biology and Biomedicine

  • Industrial Applications

  • Materials

  • Non-linear and Time-resolved

  • Novel Raman approaches

  • Raman Imaging

  • Raman in society

  • SERS/TERS and plasmonics

  • Theory and Computation



  • December 4th 2023 – Abstract submission opening

  • March 17th 2024 (23.59 CEST) – Abstract submission deadline

  • April 19th 2024 (23.59 CEST) – Notification of acceptance


  • January 8th 2024 (23.59 CEST) – Registration for ICORS2024 opening

  • April 30th 2024 (23.59 CEST) – Early Bird fee Registration deadline – Regular Registration opening

  • June 7th 2024 (23.59 CEST) – Presenting authors (oral and posters) registration deadline

  • July 14th 2024 (23.59 CEST) – ICORS 2024 online registration deadline (non-presenting participants only)

  • July 28th – August 2nd, 2024 – ICORS congress and on-site registration

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