Sub-500nm IR and Simultaneous Raman microscopy

with co-located fluorescence imaging

O-PTIR technology, recent advances, and applications overview

Hosted by Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp @ “Sapienza” University, Rome, Italy, Sunday, July 28, 4:30-6:30 pm

The workshop will discuss recent advances and applications in multimodal imaging with sub-500nm IR (O-PTIR) with simultaneous Raman (IR+Raman) and now, with co-located widefield fluorescence imaging.

Applications examples will focus on life sciences, live cell/tissues, simultaneous SERS & SEIRA, materials/polymers and particulates/microplastics.

Additionally, we will introduce a brand-new innovation, Widefield O-PTIR imaging, powered by FLuorescence detected Photothermal IR (FL-PTIR), allowing for true widefield chemical snapshot imaging with <500nm IR spatial resolution of fluorescently labelled or autofluorescent samples, whilst also generating simultaneous fluorescence widefield images.

The workshop will feature talks from world leading experts, a live online demo as well as an introduction and background from the host, Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp (PSC).

Time Speaker Title
04:30-04:50 pm Dr Mustafa Kansiz
Sub-500nm IR (O-PTIR) and simultaneous Raman microscopy with co-located fluorescence imaging
04:50-05:30 pm Prof Ji-Xin Cheng
Boston Uni
(Keynote Speaker)
Recent advances in Mid-infrared photothermal microscopy
05:30-05:50 Coffee Break
05:50-06:10 pm Live Instrument Demo Live demonstration of sub-500nm IR+Raman and the new Widefield O-PTIR imaging
06:10-06:30 pm Prof Zac Schultz
Ohio State Uni, USA
Simultaneous O-PTIR and SERS, vibrational spectroscopy of cancer cells.

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